"Unlock the 'Netflix Effect' for Ad Sales:

Make Your Audience Binge Worthy to Brands"

Elevate your advertising revenue to unprecedented levels with SCUBA Analytics.

Experience in-the-moment mastery over your ad inventory, spanning every channel, powered by our revolutionary Data Collaboration Platform.

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Real-Time Solutions for Real Business Outcomes

Programmatic Yield Optimization

Ad Inventory Yield Optimization

Turn every media asset into a formidable profit generator, harness dynamic ad placement and pricing, and reduce software-driven ad fulfillment breakage. With SCUBA.io, capitalize on traffic surges and truly maximize your media's value, ensuring not a single opportunity slips through.

SCUBA enables in-the-moment revenue acceleration with precision and speed at enterprise scale:

  • Spotting and capitalizing on traffic spikes as they happen

  • Maximize programmatic ad revenue with dynamic pricing and placement

  • Seamless Exchange Communication

  • Real-time PMP optimization

  • Predictive bidding trends

Direct Ad Sales Lead List

Accelerated Direct Ad Sales Cycles & Deal Values

Elevate your Direct Ad Sales with SCUBA's specialized solution for Sales, Ad Operations, and Revenue Operations Teams. Our platform consolidates data across all ad inventory management platforms, exchanges, and channels, providing a unified view that transforms how you approach ad sales. By harnessing this comprehensive visibility, your team gains unparalleled insights into brand buying behaviors, enabling strategic, data-driven decisions for direct ad sales optimization.

With Scuba you can deliver consistent and relevant customer experiences:

  • Unified Data View: Access aggregated data from all ad inventory management platforms, exchanges, and channels in one place, simplifying the complexity of ad sales operations.

  • Insight into Brand Buying Behaviors: Discover precisely which brands are buying your ads, including the specific ad units and content they are targeting, to tailor your sales approach effectively.

  • Detailed Spending Insights: Gain clarity on how much brands are spending on your inventory programmatically, allowing for precise targeting of high-value opportunities.

  • Strategic Ad Unit and Content Alignment: Leverage insights to strategically align your ad units and content with the preferences of buying brands, enhancing the attractiveness of your direct ad sales offerings.

Media Delivery Optimization

Real-time Ad Delivery Reconciliation

Instantaneously align your ad delivery with audience engagement, ensuring every ad hits its mark with precision. Seamlessly integrating across multiple exchanges and management systems, eradicating the tedious complexities. Say goodbye to the guesswork and delays in traditional ad reconciliation.

Experience the new era of efficiency in your ad operations with SCUBA's instant ad reconciliation!

  • Real-Time Campaign Monitoring: Immediate reconciliation of delivered impressions.

  • Immediate Detection and Alerting: stay on top of incorrectly formatted ad units or anomalies.

  • Real-time Error Monitoring: quickly identify client-side errors and take action.

  • Budget Control: prevent over or under of cross-channel delivery of ads

Audience Intelligence & Engagement

Advanced Audience Intelligence

Unlock unparalleled precision with SCUBA's Dynamic Audience Segmentation Solution, which utilizes our sophisticated data-driven platform to dynamically segment audiences. Adapt to shifting consumer behaviors in real-time for more impactful and relevant campaign targeting.

With Scuba you can deliver consistent and relevant customer experiences:

  • Dynamic Audience Segmentation: eliminate the heavy lift and enjoy continuous audience optimization.

  • On-The-Fly Segmentation: create audience segmentation with the self-service visual audience builder.

  • Predictive Audience Segmentation: deliver the perfect content or ad at the right time.

  • Content Affinity Modeling: easily deploy granular audience targeting by content.

  • Predictive Audience Engagement

Supercharge Revenue with Dynamic Segmentation & In-The-Moment Activation 

Real-time Consumer Intelligence

Top Data Providers

  • Media consumption
  • Online mobile
  • Purchase
  • Retail & financial
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Cencus
  • Covid

Game Changing Insights

  • Cusom lookalikes
  • Shopper journeys
  • Ad effectiveness
  • Competitive Intel

Advanced Audiences Segmentation

Audience Segment Types

  • 3P Lookalike Audiences
  • 2P Lookalike Audiences
  • 1P Lookalike Audiences
  • Known Audience
  • Predictive Audiences
  • Dynamic Audiences

Accelerated In-The-Moment Activation

Top Activation Channels

  • Google Ad Manager
  • Amazon TAM
  • Magnite
  • Pubmatic
  • OpenX
  • Index Exchange

Ad Exchanges
Engagement Channels
Video Players
Traffic & Tag Managers
Social Media


Enhanced Revenue Optimization

Optimization Outcomes

  • Ad Inventory Yield
  • Direct Ad Sales Cycle Acceleration
  • Increase Direct Ad Sales Deal Value
  • Content Affinity Modeling
  • Triple Ad Verification
  • Real-time Audience Journey Analysis

Powerful Publisher Integrations

Our in-the-moment data collaboration decision intelligence platform is specifically designed to handle high-frequency event data, integrating state-of-the-art privacy tools to ensure seamless, secure operations. But that's not all – our advanced data science team, equipped with deep industry expertise, is at the forefront of delivering zero-touch ROI solutions.

Ad Inventory and Exchanges Platform

Connect directly to all ad inventory management and exchange platforms and unify performance to take immediate action.

Audience Experience Channels

The 360° audience journey is no longer a myth. SCUBA connect to all media players and audience touch points.

Activation Channels

Create on-demand, sharable insights securely across silos. Push in-the-moment decisions seamlessly into ad pipelines, engagement platforms and or BI tool.

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