Transform Audience Events and Signals Into Advanced Intelligence

Unlock a whole new world of possibilities by eliminating the barriers to bringing data collaboration and intelligence to everyone

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Revolutionizing The Data to Decision Strategy

SCUBA shapes a new category of data collaboration tools by focusing on what business users want: smarter decisions and better outcomes.

Experience the benefits of seamless data collaboration, enabling you to maximize the value of your first-party data, create secure shares with partners, establish closed-loop measurement, and fortify your enterprise data strategy.


Optimize digital engagement, build more effective media plans, understand customer perceptions, journeys, and predict business outcomes.


Build and activate smarter audience-based campaigns with maximum accuracy, reach, and scale.


Optimize the customer experience and media spend with cross-channel measurement and analytics. Access holistic performance data across your entire media portfolio and connect to premium data sources. 

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Prioritizing The Business User's Needs

While other data collaboration platforms focus on delivering infrastructure as a service, SCUBA prioritizes the needs of business users. Our Trusted Intelligence suite empowers you to complete your tasks efficiently and securely, ensuring that your data collaboration efforts drive tangible business outcomes.

Environment Interoperability

Unlike traditional clean rooms that may be restricted to a single cloud provider or platform, SCUBA's Collaboration Rooms are designed to operate across multiple cloud and clean room environments, which is essential for collaborating with partners who may use different technologies.

Dynamic Multi-Party Access Management

Our real-time access management lets you decide who can access data and which columns are anonymized, ensuring secure and flexible collaboration. The system adapts to changing roles and data needs, ideal for projects with multiple stakeholders, offering a seamless and secure experience.

Agnostic ID Resolution

SCUBA seamlessly leverages any ID Graphic methodology, facilitating anonymized ID matching right at the point of ingestion. This means your existing frameworks and investments in ID systems, such as LiveRampID, are preserved and enhanced, ensuring a continuity that respects your established processes and partnerships.


Secure Interconnect Intelligence Network

SCUBA shapes a new category of data collaboration tools by focusing on what business users want: smarter decisions and better outcomes.

Secure Collaboration Rooms

  • Collaborate with confidence in a secure, isolated environment
  • Ensure data privacy and compliance with ease
  • Leverage visual exploration to gain valuable insights without compromising sensitive information

Secure IDMatch

  • Enable multiple match partners at scale without compromising the security of either party
  • Maintain full control over your data while enabling seamless collaboration
  • Leverage advanced security measures to protect your most valuable assets

Decentralized Intelligence

  • Break free from the limitations of traditional data silos
  • Bring together firewalled data sets across multiple geographies, divisions and institutions, all without moving the underlying data
  • Unlock the true potential of your data through secure, decentralized collaboration
SCUBA's Data Collaboration Hub Screen


Secure Collaboration Rooms

Experience the benefits of seamless data collaboration, enabling you to maximize the value of your first-party data, create secure shares with partners, establish closed-loop measurement, and fortify your enterprise data strategy.

1P Data Collaboration Rooms

Easily set up a virtual space to securely share, analyze, and activate insights across an organization's data silos and 3P systems without exposing sensitive information.

Native federated subsecond computing enables global brands to gain insights across geographic regions, maintaining data sovereignty, high data integrity, and security, reducing the risk of data leaks or breaches while promoting a unified view of the organization's data landscape.

2P Data Collaboration Clean Rooms

Unlike traditional clean rooms, data remains with the original owner, ensuring enhanced privacy protection and compliance with data regulations.

This secure environment supports seamless data integration, agnostic ID resolutions at the edge, and robust analytical tools, providing comprehensive insights while maintaining optimal performance and scalability. Experience superior, secure, efficient, and compliant data collaboration.

3P Data Collaboration Rooms

SCUBA extends its capabilities to include third-party data providers, allowing organizations to enrich their internal data with external sources seamlessly.

This enhances market analysis, advanced lookalike audience modeling, end-to-end shopper journeys, consumer behavior studies, and predictive analytics. It also manages multi-party access.


Accelerate Data to Decision

SCUBA has reimagined insights to action, inspiring true creativity and innovation. Everyone is empowered to discover new correlations and insights. 

Decision Intelligence Desktop SCUBA Board

The self-service insights build empowers customer-obsessed teams with limitless opportunities to gain contextual insights across all channels. Create hyper-personalized journeys with in-the-moment measurement for continuous optimization, resulting in determinative ROAS, elevating CLTV, and brand loyalty.

  • Multi-touch attribution modeling
  • Audience segmentation
  • Customer journey flow analysis
  • Retention modeling
  • Machine learning activation
  • Advertising yield


Powering the Modern MadTech Stack

Visual Insights Builder

Leave SQL behind. Using our intuitive visual interface enables you to easily leverage basic language to iterate, solve problems, and answer questions in-the-moment across endless dimensions in seconds.

Prebuilt Insight Templates

Easily access prebuilt insights for common analysis, reducing time-to-business impact from months to minutes.

Customized & Embedded

Protect your data wherever your strategies unfold. Strengthen brand trust and drive fearless innovation with our secure, flexible solutions.

Sophisticated Simplicity

Accelerate from data to decision, empowering users at all skill levels to swiftly transform complex data into in-the-moment actionable insights.


Secure Collaboration Powering Industries

D2C Brands

Effortlessly pinpointing your ideal audience and supercharging campaigns in flight becomes your new norm. Say goodbye to reliance on IT intermediaries and privacy complexities as we empower your marketing with dynamic audience segmentation, federated learning, sophisticated activation, and in-the-moment measurement.


Fuel growth throughout your organization, leveraging the utmost potential of your media assets and audience, ensuring you capitalize on every opportunity as it arises, not just when it repeats. SCUBA delivers zero-touch revenue optimization solutions with sophisticated simplicity.

Retail Media

Elevate your Retail Media strategies with privacy enhancing technology and dynamic collaboration for real-time ad optimization. Achieve unparalleled engagement and ROI through precise targeting and instant analytics, turning every ad placement into an opportunity for maximum impact and revenue.

Data Providers

Unleash the full potential of your data. Tailored for Data and Insights Providers who aim to elevate their data offerings, accelerating deal cycles and magnifying deal values. Be the driving force in business triumphs, making data work smarter and faster for your clients.

CPG Brands

Immediate insights and stringent privacy controls drive smarter, faster market responses. Optimize product offerings and supply chain decisions in real-time, staying ahead of consumer trends and operational challenges to secure a competitive edge in a fast-paced market.


Propel your Telecom operations into a new era of data-driven excellence, where strict privacy protocols and collaborative analytics converge. Gain real-time insights into customer usage patterns, and touchpoints, enabling you to deliver superior service experiences and operational innovations that respond instantly to customer needs and market dynamics.

Mobile Apps

Revolutionize your mobile app strategy with SCUBA Analytics, where powerful privacy features meet collaborative, real-time data analysis. Uncover deep insights into user behavior and app performance instantly, enabling swift, data-driven enhancements that captivate users and maintain robust security standards.


Secure 3P Data Collaboration Powered by MARKETPLACE

Access and analyze trillions of audience data points from the leading data provides without data prepping or advanced analytical skills. Experience the immediate benefits from prebuilt insights constructed from combining 3P data sets such as weather, purchasing, location, and behavioral sources.

SCUBA's Insights Marketplace—a collaborative ecosystem where real-time data access meets lightning-fast insights, all at your fingertips. Marketers, Publishers, data scientists, and media analysts prepare to be catapulted to the forefront of market research and consumer insights.

Register for early access to the SCUBA Privacy Marketplace offering access to trillions of data points from the top industry data providers. The purpose-built marketplace bridges the gap from data to actionable insights, empowering business users with dependency-free decision intelligence.


Frictionless Integrations Powering The Modern MadTech Stack

Simplifying data to decisioning with powerful bi-directional integrations enables a continuous flow of insights, activation, and impact measurement as events happen.

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