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SCUBA Analytics is the only Collaborative Decision Intelligence Platform Built for the Privacy-Driven Economy

SCUBA provides in-the-moment insights, measurement and activation without compromising privacy. Global brands like Microsoft, McDonald's, Twitter, and Warner Bros trust SCUBA to gain in-the-moment insights across billions of touchpoints, fueling real-time experiences and growth. Founded in 2015 by former Facebook executives and led by industry veterans from Kantar, Sonos, Splunk and WarnerMedia.

Success Starts with Culture

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Who We Are

Empower everyone to explore data like a data scientist.

With SCUBA, everyone in the organization can explore data like a data scientist and visualize raw representations of their data quickly to surface answers to common and complex questions. Start to have a two-way conversation with data, continuously asking new questions.

With sub-second analytics, organizations can quickly identify trends and patterns in their data, making it possible to make informed decisions and take immediate action when necessary. This ability to process and analyze data in real-time is a key advantage of SCUBA Analytics and sets it apart from other customer intelligence platforms.

SCUBA delivers on this promise with an all-in-one, vertically integrated web-based solution at scale that can be installed in the cloud or on-premise.

Our Mission

Enable collaborative decision intelligence across all channels and audiences to activate streaming data for experience-driven brands. We seek to empower brands to harness real-time audience intelligence to drive informed, data-driven decision-making. We are dedicated to helping brands understand their customers on a deeper level by providing a comprehensive view of their customer interactions, preferences & behaviors.

Our Vision

Contextual decision intelligence to power customer experiences. Revolutionize decision-making through the integration of holistic contextual intelligence. We want to empower brands with the ability to make fast decisions based on current and historical insights to predict future outcomes with advanced privacy-driven intelligence and measurable outcomes.

Our Core Values


Every decision and interaction is rooted in empowering and respecting ourselves, each other, and our customers.

Inclusive & Diverse

Diversity is reflected, embraced, and honored through our unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives—it's what unites us and strengthens our culture.


Each of us is better when we work together; so is our product and our company. Our common purpose compels us to win as a team.


The desire to explore is core to our product and mission; it encourages us to creatively pursue our interests, expand our expertise, and develop as people.


We all take ownership of our individual and collective performance, celebrating our successes and learning from our challenges—knowing honesty and transparency drive us to be the best versions of ourselves.


We are committed to building innovative, approachable, and scalable solutions for current and future customers. There are no challenges too large for our collective imagination.

Meet the SCUBA Analytics Team

Our Leadership Team

Tony Ayaz CEO
Tony Ayaz

Chief Executive Officer

Dolan Headshot
Chris Dolan

Chief Technology Officer

Lior A HS
Lior Abrahams

Former Facebook Engineer/Co-Founder

Bob Headshot
Bob Aldrich

Chief Finacial Officer

Marc Headshot
Marc Ryan

Chief Product Officer

Ross Schwaber SVP of Solutions
Ross Schwaber

SVP, Solutions

Nick Sabean VP of Marketing
Nick Sabean

VP, Marketing

Our Investors

Vertex Ventures
M12 Ventures
Battery Ventures
Index Ventures_1

Our Board of Directors

Tony Ayaz


Chris Dolan


Jeff Rothschild

Former VP of Engineering, Facebook

Ann Johnson


Bobby Johnson


Insik Rhee

Vertex Ventures

Max Schireson

Battery Ventures

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