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Unify Streaming Event Data & Active Customer Interactions in Seconds within Your Cloud

Scuba delivers where customer data platforms fall short. Ingest data directly from the sources with self-service analytics. Eliminate IT dependencies with a fully-managed service and schemaless architecture.


Unified Data

Privacy and data agility are at the heart of Scuba’s schema-free methodology.

Experience value in minutes, not months, with zero-touch deployment and administration that seamlessly integrates with all data sources, and ingests structured and unstructured data.

Insights in Action

Super charge your applications with real-time analytics.


Access Scuba’s powerful analytics to run remote queries and live stream query results to other 3rd party tools via programmable API.


Leverage real-time segmentation across unified a customer intelligence platform to create hyper-personalized experiences.


Create on-demand, sharable insights securely across silos. Push real-time data streams into any BI tool or data warehouse. 

Seamless integrations to power rich analytics

No-Code Exploration

Dive deeper into your sea of data with speed, and precision at enterprise petabyte scale.

Inspire true creativity, innovation, and discovery of new correlations and insights.

A continuous flow of fast data into Scuba means a limitless opportunity to build rich customer identities to create highly personalized journey orchestration resulting in determinative predictability ROI, elevating CLTV, and brand loyalty. 

  • Create customer 360° flows
  • Ad hoc queries
  • Cohorts and segmentation measures 
  • A/B experimentation
  • Retention analysis
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Privacy by Design

Deployed and fully managed in your cloud for absolute data control addressing evolving privacy regulations and complexities.

GDPR and international data transfer regulation has become a manual, arduous process creating significant risk.


Scuba’s cloud multi-cluster frictionless deployment augments existing compliance mechanism by:

  • Applying governance at point of ingestion
  • Full data compliance auditing, monitoring and reporting
  • 100% control over data in geographic region
  • Support international data transfer regulations
  • Reduce overhead and increase profits
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