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The Only Comprehensive Platform for in the Moment Intelligence

SCUBA delivers where the legacy data & analytics stacks fall short. Today's economy demands a modern approach.

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Real-time schemaless edge ingestion.

Unleash your time-series data from data prepping dependencies & data supply chain delays with SCUBACONNECT

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Scuba has reimagined data exploration.

Inspire true creativity, innovation, and discovery of new correlations and insights.

Customer-obsessed teams are empowered with limitless opportunities to build rich customer identities to create highly personalized journey orchestration ML-driven resulting in determinative ROAS, elevating CLTV, and brand loyalty.

  • Audience segmentation
  • Journey flows analysis
  • Retention modeling
  • Attribution modeling
  • Machine learning activation

Explore petabytes of data from across an organization in seconds with SCUBA's visual query builder leveraging basic language to discover hidden correlations.


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Supercharge your applications with real-time analytics.


Access Scuba’s powerful analytics to run remote queries and live stream query results to other 3rd party tools via programmable API.


Leverage real-time segmentation across a unified customer intelligence platform to create hyper-personalized experiences.


Create on-demand, sharable insights securely across silos. Push real-time data streams into any BI tool or data warehouse. 

Seamless integrations to power rich analytics


Deployed and fully managed in your cloud for absolute data control addressing evolving privacy regulations & complexities.

GDPR and international data transfer regulation has become a manual, arduous process creating significant risk.


Scuba’s cloud multi-cluster frictionless deployment augments existing compliance mechanisms by:

  • Applying governance at point of ingestion
  • Full data compliance auditing, monitoring & reporting
  • 100% control over data in geographic region
  • Support international data transfer regulations
  • Reduce overhead & increase profits
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