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Self-Service Customer Experience Management

Scuba is a continuous intelligence platform designed to unify customer experience management. Scuba empowers CX, BI, Product and data science teams to make real-time business decisions within a single view across all business silos.


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Real-time operational analytics for all stakeholders

  • Users and Web
    Users and Web
  • Social and Marketing
    Social and Marketing
  • CDPs and CRMs
    CDPs and CRMs
  • Application Data
    Application Data
  • CX Interactions
    CX Interactions
  • Transactions & Operational Data
    Transactions & Operational Data
  • Distribution & Delivery
    Distribution & Delivery
  • Compliance & Fraud
    Compliance & Fraud
Own your data. Deploy in your cloud of choice or the edge.
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Know your business. Interact with live data.

Skip ahead with fast-start apps

Users of any skill level can get from “what” happened to “why” it happened in seconds-- and quickly pivot from apps into deeper ad hoc exploration.

Contextual flows

Interactive exploration through the UI or graphical query builder allows you to map behaviors. Customize the length, filters, and time frame of the flow, and watch Scuba instantly process and display the data in real-time, making it easy to get answers or decide what question to ask next.

Ask anything

Anyone across business and technical teams can ask layers of sophisticated questions. Scuba's UI features a graphical query builder that eliminates the need for technical expertise such as knowing SQL or how to code. Ask iterative questions as you uncover new insights without knowing anything about the structure of the data!

Connect BI+data science

Accelerate data science and measure outcomes in real-time.

Scuba is a collaborative platform that accelerates data access across business intelligence (BI), product, and data science teams.  Analyze and monitor live data across  channels to measure the effectiveness of machine learning models like:

Model Drift
Detect Outliers
Integrate alerts with Slack
Explore the visual interface to discover what meaningful insights to include in models. The API allows for syndicating segments and audiences discovered in Scuba to take action via retargeting, messaging, and personalization platforms. There’s no need to aggregate your data -- no matter how large your data set.  Scuba lets you explore your entire data set dynamically, in real-time.
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Integrations you want.

Use Scuba as the centerpiece of your data analysis infrastructure, or integrate it into traditional data warehousing and BI systems.


Scuba continuous intelligence

Interactive analytics

Interactive analytics

Adhoc exploration and fast no code queries.


Flows and alerts

Automated insights across all channels.



Ready to use templates for fast insights.

Security you need.

We prioritize the security, privacy, and control of our customer’s data. We’ve got you covered.


Make everyone an analyst.

Transform your business with 360-degree customer experience insights across users, transactions and data silos.

  • Customer experience
    Deliver sophisticated experiences and journeys to drive better business outcomes.
  • Product intelligence
    Keep customers loyal, happy and engaged —daily— while driving improving innovation.
  • Operational analytics
    Streamline operational data access and mining to streamline business outcomes.
  • Marketing
    Drive engagement, repeat purchases, cross-sells, and upsells in real-time across all channels

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The power to explore beyond a preconfigured dashboard is the self-service analytics we'd been promised for the past 20 years but was only realized with Scuba.

Robert Hardy - Edmunds
Rob Hardy
Director Analytics Development, Edmunds

Scuba makes it easy to answer questions like how many people have ever taken this action in the application. This is really hard to do in other solutions I’ve used, but Scuba makes it trivial to dig into the history of customer events.

Lance Barnet - Asana - Data Scientist
Lance Barnett
Data Scientist, Asana

Scuba has accelerated the data driven culture in OneDrive and SharePoint, and enables everyone to quickly dig in and explore the data to understand our customers.

Patrick Kelleher - Product Manager - Microsoft
Patrick Kelleher
Product Manager, Microsoft (OneDrive)

Make better decisions with 360° of data-backed insights.

Explore what a true self-service customer experience analytics platform can do for your business.

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