Decode Data Collaboration with Decision Intelligence

Imagine a world where customer privacy is never compromised and data usability is never sacrificed

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Data Collaboration Powered by Decision Intelligence

Revolutionize your organization's data collaboration with the most advanced and innovative platform, offering groundbreaking analytics and unparalleled performance, all while ensuring the peace of mind that comes from trusted privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs).

id resolution

Agnostic ID Resolution

Leverage any identity spine at the edge, maximizing match rates and enriching audience profiles without relying on a single graph or vendor.

PETs Privacy enhancing technology icon

Privacy Enhancing Technology

Move from privacy as a one-size-fits-all infrastructure to a suite of privacy-enhancing technologies that deliver value.

democratized insights_1

Democratized Insights

Powerful insights fueling growth with data-driven decision-making across the organization regardless of technical skill set.

Frictionless Activation

Seamlessly take immediate action on in-the-moment insights across all channels, campaigns, and platforms, accelerating insights-to-action in seconds.

Advanced Functionality

Our privacy-enhancing technology is built to enable continuous insights without compromising privacy or security. Streamline your data collaboration with dynamic multi-party access management and agnostic ID resolution.

Innovative Collaboration

The Future Lies Beyond Clean Rooms

We're breaking down the silos to bring you a seamless data collaboration experience across any environment—without moving a byte.

Embedded Privacy

Fortify Brand Trust & Innovate

Protect your data wherever your strategies unfold. Strengthen brand trust and drive fearless innovation with our secure, flexible solutions.

Speed at Scale

Insights at The Pace of Business

Scales seamlessly to meet your business demands, providing lightning-fast responses that keep pace with your growth.

Sophisticated Simplicity

Democratized Insights

Accelerate from data to decision, empowering users at all skill levels to swiftly transform complex data into in-the-moment actionable insights.

SCUBA Data Collaboration Privacy Enhancing Tech_1

Collaborative Decision Intelligence Platform

Accelerate Data to Decision

Advanced Data Collaboration

Shift your privacy focus from infrastructure to intelligence, empowering users across the organization with privacy-enhancing technologies. Unlock a world of insights with a data collaboration platform that values performance, streamlines insights, and provides advanced capabilities.

SCUBA's Data Collaboration Hub Screen
Decision Intelligence Desktop SCUBA Board
In-The-Moment Insights

Decision Intelligence

Unleash the power of in-the-moment decision intelligence with a lightning-fast engine that processes billions of data points in mere microseconds. Elevate your insights game by enabling everyone at all skill levels to gain rich predictive insights, leverage interactive self-service visualizations, and in-the-moment activation to drive business success.

Insights Marketplace

Simplifying Data Access
for Everyone

Unleash the power of democratized data with SCUBA's Marketplace, enabling access to premium data sources to uncover game-changing insights without coding expertise. Leverage SCUBA's identity services for optimal match rates and enhanced audience profiles, facilitating seamless data collaboration across essential data sets while maintaining privacy.

Discover pre-packaged solutions that solve your most pressing data challenges, empowering your organization to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Media Owners


“One of the reasons Bleacher Report has such a successful track record in terms of high engagement rates and low churn rates is because SCUBA makes it possible for us to know so much about our users and their interactions with our content and app. We have a truly unparalleled degree of visibility and insight.”

Bleacher Report Case Study

Real Time Business Impact

Bring together zero, first, second, and third-party data to address everyday business challenges from Insights to Activation and Measurement. Solve common business challenges with high-quality, prebuilt templates.

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Easily create dynamic and predictive segmentation with seamless privacy-driven activation across any channels.



Simplify multi-touch attribution measurement and optimize your investments and channels with in-the-moment and historical insights.



See the full customer journey, from impression to purchase and beyond, to better understand intent with expanded protected data.



Supercharge model in-flight and power deeper customer profiles with 2P & 3P collaboration at scale with agnostic ID resolution and privacy on ingest.

Seize Every Opportunity With Precision


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Insights and Predictions


The latest in data collaboration, privacy enhancing technology, and in-the-moment industry news.

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