Transform Audience Events and Signals Into Advanced Intelligence.

Empower your team to be an audience scientist.
Secure decentralized data collaboration without noise.

Empower your team to be an audience scientist. Secure decentralized data collaboration without noise.

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Collaborative Decision Intelligence

SCUBA delivers where legacy data & insight stacks fall short within the privacy driven economy.

SCUBA is the only Trusted Collaborative Decision Intelligence platform providing in-the-moment decision intelligence without compromising privacy. Global brands like Microsoft, McDonald's, Twitter, and Warner Bros trust SCUBA to gain in-the-moment insights across billions of touchpoints, fueling real-time experiences, insights, and measurement.

Enhance your digital advertising strategy, purpose built for both brands, publishers, and data providers looking to maximize marketshare and ROI. Our platform leverages the proprietary advanced privacy-enhancing and AI technology accelerating info and data sharing into the future. SCUBA provides you with the best insights you need when you need them without complexities.

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Dynamic Audience Segmentation

Effortlessy tailor your approach with precision

Dive deep into your audience data with our self-service predictive and dynamic segmentation tools, enabling precise targeting by uncovering hidden patterns and behaviors. This ensures your content resonates with the right audience at the right time.


SCUBA AI Powered Insights

Effortless Decision intelligence

Explore AI-driven insights that help you understand and predict performance trends, audience behaviors, and market opportunities, enabling smarter, faster decision-making with explosive returns.

In the moment measurement

In-The-Moment Measurement

Beneath the surface lies untapped potential

Proactively adapt to changes before they happen with real-time performance measurement, enables immediate optimization of campaigns and content for maximum impact and investment efficiency.

Mult-party insight

Decentralized Collaboration

Collaborate without compromise

Share and access insights securely across teams and partners with our multi-party proprietary federated insights, ensuring data privacy and compliance while fostering collaboration. Privacy enhancing technology enabling you to analyse data where it lives.

In-The -Moment Insights, Measurement & Activation

SCUBA has reimagined data exploration, inspiring true creativity and innovation. Everyone is empowered to discovery of new correlations and insights. 


SCUBA delivers where existing data analytics fall short. The platform accelerates time to insights by eliminating the need for SQL and Python coding expertise or costly data infrastructure.

The self-service insights build empowers customer-obsessed teams with limitless opportunities to gain contextual insights across all channels. Create hyper-personalized journeys with in-the-moment measurement for continuous optimization, resulting in determinative ROAS, elevating CLTV, and brand loyalty.

  • Multi-touch attribution modeling
  • Audience segmentation
  • Journey flows analysis
  • Retention modeling
  • Machine learning activation
  • Advertising yield

Secure Collaboration

Decentralized Intelligence at the edge

SCUBA enables 100% data control by empowering customers to keep data within their environment and anonymizing at the edge to prevent data leakage or risk. This accelerates time to insights and long burdensome data engineering complexities that can impact outcomes.

Unlike other clean room solutions that require data engineers, data scientists and a significant time investment, the powerful capabilities of the SCUBA real-time exploration environment democratizes access to data for both simple and complex use cases by enabling the business use case owner access to the data.

  • SCUBA supports multiple data sets collaboration and exploration out of the box.

  • Filter: Control data outputs with filters to ensure distribution points only receive data necessary for required analysis

  • Match: Perform secure match of connected data against secure enclave match partners to identify intersections between data files

  • Ingest: Easily ingest data inputs into multiple formats to ensure seamless compatibility with downstream systems

  • Distribute: Easy distribution of connected data to common clean room providers and direct match partners adhering to data import requirements and file formats

  • Control: Single point of control to turn off data transfer both manually and rules based to ensure data limited to required use cases



Machine learning at the edge: Transform raw data into indispensable insights

Discover unprecedented agility with SCUBA's real-time, schemaless edge ingestion capabilities. Connect to any data source and embark on a transformative analytics journey that eradicates the need for tedious data preparation or management of integrations.

Streamlining the data pipeline and eliminating engineering bottlenecks, your organization is free to focus on actionable insights. From simple CSV file, a complex web API, or a cloud-hosted database, our solution facilitates an effortless connection.



Simplifying data access and insights for everyone

Access and analyze trillions of audience data points from the leading data provides without data prepping or advanced analytical skills. Experience the immediate benefits from prebuilt insights constructed from combinding 3P data sets such as weather, purchasing, location, and behavioral sources.

SCUBA's Insights Marketplace—a collaborative ecosystem where real-time data access meets lightning-fast insights, all at your fingertips. Marketers, Publishers, data scientists, and media analysts prepare to be catapulted to the forefront of market research and consumer insights.

Register for early access to the SCUBA Privacy Marketplace offering access to trillions of data points from the top industry data providers. The marketplace is purpose built to bridge the gap from data to actoinable insights empowering business users to have dependancy free decision intelligence.


Powerful Connections

Supercharge your applications, products, and operations with fast insights and in-the-moment activation.

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