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Transform customer experience with continuous intelligence.

Connect customer journeys and digital interactions in real-time. Move beyond curated dashboards and data prepping to unify CX, business intelligence (BI) + data science teams for real-time business decisions.


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Managing millions of customer experiences across trillions of data points daily.

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Maximize Digital Transformation for 360° CX Management

Scuba modernizes experience management with real-time behavioral analytics across all users, digital interactions and operational data. Scuba provides actionable insights and data storytelling for all CX stakeholders without complexity.

Map customer journeys and interactions across customer, product, marketing, and sales with  contextual data. Built for self-service insights without scale limits or deep technical expertise.

That means no help tickets, training certifications, or learning a new query language required. Scuba is deployed in your data cloud of choice for control and security as managed service, accelerating time to value and speed.


Scuba continuous intelligence

Interactive Analytics

Interactive analytics

Ad hoc exploration and fast no code queries.


Flows and alerts

Automated insights across all channels.



Ready to use templates for fast insights.

Automated Insights


  • Actionable signals and alerts
  • ML model monitoring and measurement (Model Drift)
  • Detect Outliers across channels
  • Automated object templates for faster insights
Collaborative Intelligence


  • Actionable knowledge across CX, BI and data science teams
  • Connect customer journeys and product interactions
  • Automated object templates for faster insights
  • Power any application with intelligence with Scuba Embedded API
Visual Discovery


  • Diver deeper with no code queries
  • Fast discovery across TBs of real-time operational data
  • Validate data driven decisions with context
  • Build cross channel data flows on the fly

Merging companies is always an art form, from technology to culture – yet with Segment already in place we were able to merge the customer data from our acquisitions and start to perform deep analysis with Scuba in under an hour – seeing in real-time where our current customers intersect and how behaviors mapped or differed. The ability to visualize and understand the merged company’s customer behavior in minutes is a complete game changer.

Philip Steffek - Cloudbees
Philip Steffek
Data Architect, Cloudbees

Scuba analytics allows us to make decisions at the speed of conversation. We used to have to either ignore our questions or wait days until we could extract and analyze the data. Now, with Scuba, anyone can find specific answers in seconds.

Vish Balasubramanian - Microsoft
Vish Balasubramanian
Engineering Manager, Microsoft

Scuba’s scale is impressive. It took only minutes to get answers to questions, opening new possibilities as to what we can do with analytics at interactive speeds. We look forward to continuing to work with the team.

Craig Miller - Bing - MS
Craig Miller
Group Engineering Manager, Bing Experiences

One of the reasons Bleacher Report has such a successful track record in terms of high engagement rates and low churn rates is because Scuba makes it possible for us to know so much about our users and their interactions with our content and app. We have a truly unparalleled degree of visibility and insight.

Ross Schwaber - BleacherReport
Ross Schwaber
Director of Product Management, Bleacher Report

Scuba analytics enables complex behavioral queries to be created on the fly with a simple user interface that allows quick synthesis of the data you are interested in—taking it from billions down to the granular insight, in seconds, not hours or days.

Robert Hardy - Edmunds
Rob Hardy
Director of Analytics Development, Edmunds

I could use Scuba, or hire an army of engineers to run and manage multiple systems/tools…

Director of Data Engineering, Microsoft


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