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SCUBA delivers where the legacy data & analytics stacks fall short. Today's economy demands a modern approach.

As a valued SCUBA partner, you'll benefit from bidirectional referral perks, collaborative research opportunities, and from our state-of-the-art Collaborative Decision Intelligence Platform supercharging your offering.

In-The-Moment Benefits

Create Custom Insights On-The-Fly

Elevate The Value of Your Data


SCUBA empowers data providers to quickly generate customized insights tailored to specific client needs, bypassing the traditional, lengthy processes of data analysis.

  • Instant customization of insights without extensive data engineering.
  • Significantly reduces time to insight, enhancing client satisfaction.
  • Facilitates dynamic adaptation to changing client requirements.

Full Data Utilization Visibility

Elevate The Value of Your Data


Through SCUBA, data providers gain comprehensive visibility into how their data is being used by clients, enabling better strategic decisions and optimization of data products.

  • Real-time tracking and visibility of data usage patterns.
  • Empower providers to refine and improve their data offerings.
  • Enables proactive identification of new data product opportunities.

Accelerated Sales Cycle

Accelerate Sales Cycles


SCUBA's self-service UI and sub-second query capabilities dramatically simplify the process of generating customized insights, enabling data providers to quickly meet specific client needs without extensive data engineering. This intuitive approach allows for real-time, dynamic adaptation to changing client requirements, significantly enhancing client satisfaction. By facilitating the creation of bespoke insights and reports, SCUBA accelerates decision-making, transforming data utilization into a swift and seamless experience.

  • Enhances operational efficiency, leading to quicker deal closures.
  • Reduces time-to-value for clients, improving customer experience.
  • Streamlines the sales process, from data provision to insight delivery.

Gain New Revenue Offerings & Channels

Gain New Revenue Offerings & Channels

The SCUBA Marketplace unlocks a wealth of new revenue opportunities for data providers by creating a vibrant, collaborative ecosystem dedicated to data sharing and innovation. Benefit from a new data monetization opportunity and foster a culture of collaboration among diverse data providers, brands, publishers, customers, and partners.

  • Opens up new channels: Gain direct exposure to a broader audience.

  • Encourage collaboration and lead innovation: cross-pollination of ideas and data sets results in the creation of new data products, enhanced analytics services, or bespoke solutions tailored to specific industry needs.

  • Expands market reach and potential: amplifies market reach and potential by showcasing your capabilities and connecting with a global audience.

Maintain 100% Data Control

Privacy-DNA and Data Control


SCUBA's proprietary Secure Collaboration functionality incorporates advanced, embedded privacy-enhancing technologies. A zero-trust approach ensures that data providers can fully leverage their data assets with unprecedented levels of security and compliance without physically moving data from its original location.

  • Out-of-the-Box Data Sovereignty and Security: designed to uphold data sovereignty from the outset, leveraging embedded privacy-enhancing technology ensures data remains under the provider's control, mitigating risk.
  • Supports secure sharing and collaboration without data movement or risk: Secure Collaboration ensures meaningful collaborations without compromising data privacy or confidentiality, effectively maintaining data value and integrity.
  • Facilitates complex data analysis and exploration while maintaining privacy: extract maximum value from their data, offering customized, in-depth analyses to clients without sacrificing data privacy or control.

Embrace The SCUBA Advantage

DAS icon

ML Driven Audience Segmentation

SCUBA AI Powered Audiences

Effortlessly create predictive audience segments that your clients can't live without. SCUBA's self-service UI enable all stakeholders the ability to operationalize machine learning models to identify the right audience with precision.

Zer-Touch icon

Fully Managed Service

Zero-touch deployment & administration

Benefit from dedicated experts to manage everything from data ingestion and infrastructure, to insights—all within your private cloud. SCUBA's white glove services removes the dependency on your IT and data engineering teams.

Decentralized Collaboration_1

Decentralized Collaboration

Beneath the surface lies untapped potential

Eliminate the costly adoption of multiple clean room technology deployments to meet various client ecosystems. SCUBA's Secure Collaboration enables you to connect and analyze across any clean room or cloud environment.

Speed at Scale

Sub-Second Insights at Scale

Create value free of dependencies

SCUBA's real-time exploration environment democratizes data access for both simple and complex use cases, offering business case owners direct data access without the need for data engineers, data scientists, or significant time investments, unlike other clean room solutions.

Become a Partner

Delivered as a fully managed service, SCUBA presents three distinct partnership opportunities tailored to enhance your data's visibility, utility, and value.

SCUBA Marketplace Partner

Become a vital part of our marketplace, showcasing your data to a wide array of new clients from diverse sectors such as market research, publishing, consumer packaged goods (CPG), quick-service restaurants (QSR), and telecommunications.
Enable seamless transactions for SCUBA clients and Marketplace members through one-click data purchases, expanding your reach and simplifying access to your offerings.

Marketplace & Insights Partner

Engage in a dynamic collaboration with SCUBA powerful technology and other data partners to deliver precise, client-ready insights.

This partnership leverages the combined strengths of SCUBA's analytical capabilities and the niche expertise of our partners, ensuring enhanced value of data and quicker, more targeted insight generation for clients.

SCUBA Partner License

Access SCUBA's comprehensive platform at exclusive partner pricing, securing a competitive advantage that sets you apart from the competition.

Enhance your client engagements by providing immediate access to the ability to explore your data. Plus, deepen your client relationships by delivering first-party analysis alongside your top-notch market research.

Ready to Dive In?

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