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Use real-time data from any channel to connect with audience, and activate growth.

Cross-Media Measurement

360° Customer Intelligence

Plan and execute media buying strategies with 100% confidence with real-time reach and frequency measurement across all media buying channels. Scuba unifies cross-channel media performance enabling adaptive media buying and ad spend ROI optimization. 

Execute ad hoc queries, A/B testing, and in-house segmentation. Layer your data with external clearinghouse data sources and representative high-quality, consented panelists providing full access to all first-party mobile behavior. Optimise in-flight campaign performance to drive greater reach and frequency and inform future strategy. 

More context means better decisions and hyper-personalized targeted messaging that drives value and real-time insights. Convert more customers, predict churn, and boost longer CLTV.

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Dynamic Journey Orchestration

By looking at contextual data across all touchpoints of the customer journey, you can create more meaningful profiles of your prospects and customers in real-time. With 360° visibility into many, few, or an individual customer, you can uncover not just the “what” but also the “why” certain actions are taking place. The answers to your most complex data questions result in better optimized products for stronger engagement, increased conversions, and long-term customer loyalty.


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Product Experimentation & Engagement

Accelerate Adoption & Increase Retention 

A deep understanding of how customers use your products, enables you to drive innovation and growth, rooted in data. If you can see these inputs in real-time, you’re ahead of the competition. Discover, understand, measure events across all of your data to quickly discover what drives engagement, conversations and loyalty. Look at engagement metrics like MAU, WAU, and DAU in real-time, run refined A/B tests without having to instrument data sources, plan cohorts, or export data to complex statistical analysis tools like SPSS, and visualize your findings across collaborative dashboards for in-the-room decisioning.


Privacy-Driven Analytics

KYC, AML and Fraud Detection

When critical events occur, you need to know in real-time. Automate reporting and alerts when changes in measures and thresholds occur, without having to load new data or monitor dashboards. Run investigations in real-time, to drill down on security issues, fraud concerns, or other triggering events the moment they happen.


International Data Transfers & Governance

As privacy regulations continue to develop, it’s critical to simplify data management and activation, while focusing on governance and compliance. Privacy-by-design platforms make it easy to handle sensitive data, even across global organizations.

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Make better decisions with 360° of data-backed insights.

Explore what a true self-service customer experience analytics platform can do for your business.