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Zero Dark Thirty: What Your Brand Needs to Know About Dark Social

Imagine a customer (or potential customer) sees a banner ad for your product, visits your website, uses your live chat, and sends you an email–all in the span of an hour. This is the reality of the customer journey in today’s omnichannel world. To maintain a top-tier CX in this scenario, your brand needs an analytics toolset that can seamlessly track users. This includes social, where many brands now reach their core audience. 

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5 Hidden Costs of Data Non-Compliance

When it comes to data security and privacy regulations, non-compliance is not cheap. Your brand is most likely well aware of recent, record-breaking fines levied by GDPR regulators and other governing bodies. But what about the hidden costs of non-compliance? Although they may not elicit the same initial sticker shock as fines, these hidden costs can be just as damaging to your brand’s bottom line.

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Data Export: Why You Should Keep Data In-House

Every brand understands the importance of data in today’s digital world. It drives decision-making, forecasting, and optimization, and plays a part in every facet of operations. But to put data to work, you can’t just leave it sitting in a vault—you need to make it available to analytics platforms and other tools to help derive insights and informed business decisions.

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5 Ways to Make Data Ingestion Easier

Data is the backbone of the digital world. Every day, online users generate billions of digital touchpoints, each of which includes small but valuable nuggets of data. Any given digital interaction is small by itself but stitched together, they comprise a massive amount of information. By 2025, researchers predict that humanity will have generated 175 zettabytes of data.

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