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Keep customers loyal, happy, and coming back.

Stay on top of user experiences and retention analytics with fast accurate 360° real-time operational insights across your entire product portfolio.

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scuba Product Intelligence

Make decisions faster.

Interactive continuous product intelligence without access or scale limits. Gain access and speed across trillions of data points without curated visualizations, data prepping or complex SQL queries.

  • Customer journey analytics
  • Retention analytics and speed to development
  • Flow and path analysis across channels and platforms
  • Real-time A/B testing with interactive slicing and dicing
  • Behavioral data insights at scale without SQL
  • Ad hoc queries across multiple dimensions and channels
  • Fast root cause analysis to identify anomalies and outliers
  • Track and understand renewal, upsell, retention, and cross-platform interactions
  • Self-service data access without data analysts
  • Reduce churn

Product evolution

Innovate and improve experiences with end-to-end visibility across the entire product value chain with an interactive self-service UI.


Enable data accessibility and collaboration across data science teams with unified interactive dashboards to eliminate silos.

Faster, better choices

Make real-time decisions across user, product, performance, and activity metrics without data prepping or delays.

Managing millions of customer experiences across trillions of data points daily.


One of the reasons Bleacher Report has such a successful track record in terms of high engagement rates and low churn rates is because Scuba makes it possible for us to know so much about our users and their interactions with our content and app. We have a truly unparalleled degree of visibility and insight.

Ross Schwaber - BleacherReport
Ross Schwaber
Director of Product Management, Bleacher Report

The day our NPS score turned positive we celebrated knowing we weren’t just doing something technically remarkable, we were truly transforming our service delivery. We couldn’t have done it without Scuba. Some tools let you get answers quickly, but they tell the wrong story by relying on incomplete or batched data. Scuba forces us to be thoughtful by removing all scalability limitations.

Brian Kelly - Comcast
Brian Kelly
Director of Customer Experience Analytics, Comcast

Scuba analytics allows us to make decisions at the speed of conversation. We used to have to either ignore our questions or wait days until we could extract and analyze the data. Now, with Scuba, anyone can find specific answers in seconds.

Vish Balasubramanian - Microsoft
Vish Balasubramanian
Engineering Manager, Microsoft

Scuba continuous intelligence

Interactive analytics

Interactive analytics

Ad hoc exploration without complex queries.


Real-time flows

Contextual behavioral analysis across all channels and silos.



Accelerate time to actionable insights.

Edmunds explores journey analytics 100X faster on Scuba

Scuba PDF - edmunds

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