The Future of Cross-Media Measurement in a Privacy-First Economy
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Privacy-by-Design for Compliance & Governance

Scuba's privacy-by-design technology enables organizations to keep their data behind a firewall or within the cloud of their choice, offering a frictionless approach to addressing governance, compliance, and privacy obligations from data ingest to visualization.

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You're in Control of Your Data with Scuba

Scuba sits at the gateway of your products to help address data governance needs right from the beginning, and without disrupting your current compliance mechanisms.

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Privacy by design

Keep your data behind a firewall or within the cloud of your choice for a frictionless approach to addressing international data transfers, governance, compliance, and other privacy obligations.
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Standardize & scale data collection

Scuba enables organizations to assimilate, analyze, and act on massive volumes of time-series data to make mission-critical business decisions in real time.
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Fully managed service

Scuba is a managed service which means that from the initial ingestion of data to the ongoing maintenance of your cluster, you have a team of dedicated professionals assisting along the way.
Data governance at ingest

Data governance at ingest

Assign permissions, set retention policies, and purge data at ingest, and in real-time, to eliminate compliance lag and downtime.
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Create business value

Avoid hidden and egregious costs by simplifying your technology stack with a single solution that delivers both a strong business and compliance outcome.

Simplify data lifecycle management

Set controls to automate what data comes in, where it goes, who has access to it, how long to keep it, and when it gets deleted right at ingest to eliminate the need for sampling and parsing out data retroactively.
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Cloud Bees

CloudBees Spins Up Behavioral Analytics across Multiple Data Streams in Under One Hour

The CloudBees team Combines data from three companies and implements analytics in real-time, with little manual effort.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Ross Schwaber

"One of the reasons Bleacher Report has such a successful track record in terms of high engagement rates and low churn rates is because Scuba makes it possible for us to know so much about our users and their interactions with our content and app. We have a truly unparalleled degree of visibility and insight."

Ross Schwaber
Director of Product Management, Bleacher Report

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