The Future of Cross-Media Measurement in a Privacy-First Economy
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Continuous CX Intelligence for Data-Driven Marketing Teams 

Scuba is a real-time, no-code platform, empowering CX teams to uncover behavioral insights across the entire customer data lifecycle—from engagement to retention. 

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Connect Customer and Product Data Silos to Drive Growth

Remove the guesswork about what your customers want, and double down on efforts that increase conversions and acquisitions.

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Real-time experimentation

Accelerate experimentation and growth with real-time analytics. Refine A/B experiments with speed and scale across multi-dimensional data from multiple sources. Explore behavioral flows and patterns to uncover hidden opportunities.
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Measure impact in real-time

Measure across all channels including ad spend to understand what has maximum impact. Enrich insights in real-time to optimize meaningful content and campaigns to continuously improve your customer experiences.
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First party data and privacy

First party data is now key in personalization to drive growth and retention. Unifying customer data across silos with real-time insights across all channels is redefining customer experience analytics with privacy at the forefront.
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Dynamic personalization

Quickly ingest and analyze large amounts of time-series data across multiple channels like web traffic, ads, leads, and operational data without worrying about custom schemas or data pipelines.
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Data signals and collaboration

Collaborate on insights across CX teams. Leverage Slack or Teams to get alerts when measures change beyond defined thresholds, with context and real-time data stories across all channels.
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No-code cohort analysis

Easily segment, visualize, and act on growth metrics like churn rate, cost per lead, customer acquisition costs, and monthly and daily active users without tapping an analyst or data engineer for data modeling.
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Continuous Intelligence across Customer Experience and Operational Data 

Enrich your customer experience analytics with Scuba for 360 degree continuous intelligence:

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  • Get the Full Picture

    Connect all event data across multiple channels to create complete 360 customer intelligence.

  • Improve Personalization

    Gain a deeper understanding of your prospects, leads and customers, and offer more valuable content across the entire customer data lifecycle.

  • Enrich Customer Engagement Platforms

    Streamlines real-time insights with Scuba's powerful API to enrich your custom applications or engagement platforms.

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Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report Decreases Time to Insights by 95%

Learn how Bleacher Report uses Scuba to rapidly gain insights into user behavior, increase conversion and engagement, build satisfaction, and redesign their web and mobile applications.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Brian Kelly

The day our NPS score turned positive we celebrated knowing we weren’t just doing something technically remarkable, we were truly transforming our service delivery. We couldn’t have done it without Scuba. Some tools let you get answers quickly, but they tell the wrong story by relying on incomplete or batched data. Scuba forces us to be thoughtful by removing all scalability limitations.”

Brian Kelly
Director of Customer Experience Analytics, Comcast

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