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Customer Experience Analytics for Product & Marketing Teams
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Explore the depths of your customer data to uncover critical CX events.

Critical events happen every second across every customer touchpoint. Can your business keep up?


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Finally, You Can Use All of Your Data

Unify data across every team to turn customer digital interactions into actionable insights with continuous intelligence.

Unify data across every team to turn customer digital interactions into actionable insights with continuous intelligence.


Marketing Product Leadership Engineering Service Analytics / Data Scientists


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Scuba’s Real-Time, Self-Service, CX Analytics for Business Leaders

Avoid complex integrations and proprietary multi-vendor technologies to get greater stability, simplified management, quicker time to value, and higher ROI.


Reduce costs by eliminating antiquated tools

Match unstructured data, social data, behavioral data, location data, and third-, first-, and zero-party data for a 360-degree view of your customers.


Depend less on data scientists and analysts for faster-time-to insights

Scuba’s purpose-built solutions allow you to access large amounts of raw data, from any source and analyze it in real-time.


Empower employees and reap bottom line benefits

Give product owners across your organization the ability to access and use analytics with ease.


Reduce risk of switching tools

Scuba is a managed service provider and your dedicated CX team will help set up and manage your cluster, reducing the risk of switching tools.


Private by design

As your most valuable resource, your data never has to leave your walls with our private SaaS capabilities.


Get real-time alert on critical measures

Monitor the performance of specific steps along key customer journeys, and get notified via Slack or email when status code errors increase beyond defined thresholds.

The day our NPS score turned positive we celebrated knowing we weren’t just doing something technically remarkable, we were truly transforming our service delivery. We couldn’t have done it without Scuba. Some tools let you get answers quickly, but they tell the wrong story by relying on incomplete or batched data. Scuba forces us to be thoughtful by removing all scalability limitations.

Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly
Director of Customer Experience Analytics, Comcast

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Make better decisions with 360° of data-backed insights.

Explore what a true self-service customer experience analytics platform can do for your business.

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