The Future of Cross-Media Measurement in a Privacy-First Economy
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Scuba’s Real-Time, No-Code CX Analytics for Data Scientists

Scuba is a real-time, comprehensive, customer experience analytics platform that spans the entire data lifecycle—from storage to value-add insights.

Solutions for analysts

Empower Teammates to Dive Deeper into Your Sea of Data

Get faster time-to-value, and deepen the analysis of your ad-hoc CX analytics, by synthesizing all of your data with a single solution.

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Standardize and scale data

Bring in tens of billions of rows of data per day, year over year retention, from any source, with any expected growth, and with minimal structural requirements, and start relying less on batch processes and more on real-time information streaming.
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Streamline your tech stack

Reduce the need to export data to other tools for deeper analysis or presentation with a single, full-stack solution.
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Managed workflows

With a managed service remove the burden from your team to setup or manage data clusters
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Easily interact with our UI

With point and click intelligence, Scuba makes digital storytelling of your CX experience easy for all team members.
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Act on critical measures quickly

Scuba signals allows you to set data parameters and be alerted via Slack or email when status code errors increase beyond defined thresholds.
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  • By 2024, 75% of enterprises will shift from piloting to operationalizing AI, driving a 5X increase in streaming data and analytics infrastructures.

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Cloud Bees

CloudBees Spins Up Behavioral Analytics across Multiple Data Streams in Under One Hour

The CloudBees team Combines data from three companies and implements analytics in real-time, with little manual effort.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Philip Steffek

Merging companies is always an art form, from technology to culture – yet with Segment already in place we were able to merge the customer data from our acquisitions and start to perform deep analysis with Scuba in under an hour – seeing in real-time where our current customers intersect and how behaviors mapped or differed. The ability to visualize and understand the merged company’s customer behavior in minutes is a complete game changer.”

Philip Steffek
Data Architect, Cloudbees

CX Resources From Our Team

Self-Service Analytics Save Both Data Scientists and Data-Curious Employees

Self-service analytics empower business users to explore data themselves, to understand the business and the behavior of customers. This frees up data scientists to work on more technically challenging projects.

Event Data Exploration is a Process Rather Than a Singular Step

The time it takes to complete the process of data exploration introduces a delay (latency) to the discovery process, stifling creativity. Scuba Analytics minimizes that delay and significantly transforms the discovery experience and effectiveness.

How to Perform Retention Analysis to Grow Your Revenue

While the term “retention analytics” spans multiple sets of analyses, the goal of this analysis is to identify which components of your business influence your customers to come back and continue to use your product or service time and time again.

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