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Learn How Asana Uses Scuba to Achieve Business And Compliance Outcomes
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Easily integrate Scuba with your streaming data and private cloud providers.


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Scuba’s Partner Ecosystem


Strategic Alliances

Leverage your time-series data with Scuba for continuous intelligence.

Solutions Partners

Help customers implement Scuba for real-time analytics on the fly.

Why Work With Scuba?

Tap into Scuba’s industry knowledge, system integrations, and solutions expertise to:


Increase revenue

Generate more qualified leads by leveraging client’s time-series data for deep analytics.

Grow your ecosystem

Expand your ecosystem and digital footprint with real-time continuous intelligence.

Enable your teams to do more

Our fully managed service means you’ll have assistance and support on your partner’s journey.

Stay ahead of changing regulations

Provide self-service data analytics within the compliance of GDPR and California privacy laws.

Partner Spotlight


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Contact Scuba for more information about Microsoft Azure credits for a Free POC. Gain game-changing insights from your Azure Blob connection to Scuba’s interactive analytics in seconds - not days or weeks.

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Scuba can quickly and simply ingest your entire data set from S3 to empower your business to iterate and collaborate on your valuable customer data.

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Join Our Growing Partner Ecosystem


Go beyond capturing data and see how Scuba can give you greater insights into your customers’ behaviors and experiences.


Make better decisions with 360° of data-backed insights.

Explore what a true self-service customer experience analytics platform can do for your business.