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Learn How Asana Uses Scuba to Achieve Business And Compliance Outcomes
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Product Intelligence for Any Team, Any Time.

Scuba offers robust product analytics to track product performance, usage, and customer behavior in real-time.

Drive Product Usage & Engagement

  • Track and foster product and new feature performance in real-time with no-code queries and unprecedented data exploration capacity.
  • Gain granular insights into product usage and customer journeys with your products on an hourly, daily, weekly, and yearly basis.
  • Personalize a user's experience with your product and service based on their activity and engagement, and optimize their journey in real-time.
  • Keep a live pulse of user engagement with signals, alerts, and customized dashboards to explore the "why" behind activity.
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Analyze User Flows & Journeys in Real-Time

  • Capture, compare, and analyze flows and journeys as they interact with your product, site, and various channels.
  • Customized product dashboards and flows to track every data point across every channel.
  • Unify siloed data across CDPs, data warehouses, and multiple sources for a comprehensive snapshot of product performance and usage.

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Optimize User Experience

  • Enable 360 customer analytics, in real-time at scale for hyper-personalized customer experiences that drive loyalty.
  • Proactively address customer concerns. Uncover and detect points of friction, success, and what makes your users happy.
  • Drive customer lifetime value with full visibility into user behaviors to identify, track, and test opportunities to increase LTV.

Analyze Product & Application Security

  • Reduce organizational downtime with real-time security and expansive analytics capabilities.
  • Automate reporting and get notified in real-time if something critical changes in your data, without having to load new data or monitor dashboards.
  • Fully managed service from the initial ingestion of data to the ongoing maintenance of your cluster, with a team of dedicated customer success professionals assisting along the way.

Make better decisions with 360° of data-backed insights.

Explore what a true self-service customer experience analytics platform can do for your business.