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Scuba's privacy-by-design customer intelligence platform enables real-time compliance and governance at ingest, comprehensive audit logging, and analysis within your cloud, minimizing data transfer headaches.

Complete Data Governance & Control

  • Maintain 100% control over your customer intelligence data with governance implemented upon ingest and enhance current mechanisms with a frictionless deployment.
  • Assign permissions, set retention policies, and purge data at ingest in real-time to eliminate compliance lag and downtime.
  • Simplify data lifecycle management by setting controls to automate what data comes in, where it goes, how long to retain it, and who has access to it.

Privacy At Ingest & Full Audit Tracking

  • Absolute data control in your environment to address ongoing customer intelligence, privacy regulations, and complexities.
  • Maintain data sovereignty within geographic regions by keeping user data within boundaries—supported by international data transfer capabilities.
  • Keep tabs on system and activity data with custom alerts and signals to flag thresholds and unexpected activity.

Reduce Costs & Streamline Compliance 

  • Eliminate costly downtime, lengthy manual processes, and complex paperwork with Scuba's robust compliance capabilities—from data ingestion and data transfers to GDPR purging, audit trails, and performance monitoring.
  • Avoid hidden and egregious costs by simplifying your technology stack with Scuba's all-in-one customer intelligence solution that delivers strong compliance outcomes.
  • Scuba is a managed service, which means that from the initial ingestion of data to the ongoing maintenance of your cluster, you have a team of dedicated professionals reducing your FTE.



Unlock Customer Intelligence with Privacy-by-Design

  • Set your organization up for CX success using a customer intelligence analytics and data management platform that prioritizes privacy from the get-go.
  • Protect your customer data and the insights you collect—from any and every source—and remain completely secure and private at all times.
  • Access the power of Scuba’s privacy-by-design platform in tandem with our privacy and security certifications to safeguard your data in all ways, at all times: SOC2, GDPR, ISO27001, ISO27018, and Privacy Shield.

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