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Sports Media & Entertainment Titan Reduced Time to Insights by 95% – From Weeks to Minutes & Saves Millions with Scuba.

Accelerate dynamic personalization and cross-media measurement in real-time without complexity to gain determinative audience intent and behavioral insights with Scuba’s enterprise customer intelligence platform.

Bridge the first-party data gap.

Accelerate dynamic personalization and cross media measurement without complexity to accelerate audience insights and behaviors at enterprise scale. 


Hyper-personalized content discovery

Companies like Comcast, Twitter, and Warner Media leverage real-time analytics to drive hyper-personalized content discovery and monetization. Enable enterprise-level data agility from existing and emerging digital domains into a single point for analysis to create endless possibilities to leverage your custom algorithms, AI, & ML strategies to build deeper customer engagement.


Active audiences at limitless scale

Scuba was built to scale across billions of active users while providing live unsampled raw customer event data for marketing, product, and operational teams. Companies like Comcast, Twitter, and Warner Media leverage real-time analytics to drive personalization and monetization. Empower your data science strategy with dynamic data-not sampled data—customer intelligence without limitations.


Cross-media measurement

Modernize your cross-domain measurement with a self-service and data-driven approach. Unify devices, and panels, and connect disparate data channels with a platform built for streaming fast/first-party data and unified real-time insights. Align content and UX strategy with real-time content consumption data to create deeper engagement and journey performance.


Privacy-by-design architecture

Maintain 100% control of your data and customer trust with ever-changing regulations at a global scale. Scuba enables privacy at the data ingestion tier along with continuous streamlined encryption. Eliminate data movement and manual efforts to address data privacy challenges. Digital data privacy simplified.

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Make better decisions with 360° of data-backed insights.

Explore what a true self-service customer experience analytics platform can do for your business.