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The Global SaaS Leader Ignites Hyper-Innovation with Scuba to Enable Universally Accessible Data to All Product Teams.

Stop churn in its tracks by understanding what your customers want, how to reach them, and identify points of friction along their journey, in real-time.

Stop guessing. Start knowing.

Grow top-line revenue by enabling everyone on your team to run no-code queries, on the fly, for complex analysis and 360°customer intelligence as insights happen.


Track product features & increase users

Ask feature-level questions without needing SQL knowledge to understand user behavior, analyze new feature and product launch performance, and gauge monthly engagement metrics like MAU, WAU, and DAUs in real-time.

Increase customer lifetime value

Connect your proprietary first-party data to other data sources for 360° customer views, and identify opportunities to increase LTV, like improving Cost+Connect fees.

Accelerate experimentation, innovation, & growth

Experiment with A/B testing and ad hoc analytics with speed and scale across multi-dimensional data from multiple sources to uncover hidden opportunities, reduce churn, and maximize conversions.

Personalize without complexity

Quickly ingest and analyze large amounts of time-series data across multiple channels without customer schemas or data pipelines to dynamically personalize user experience and feature improvements.

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Make better decisions with 360° of data-backed insights.

Explore what a true self-service customer experience analytics platform can do for your business.