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Scuba is a real-time, comprehensive, customer experience analytics platform that spans the entire data lifecycle—from storage to value-add insights.

10 Top Companies Radically Changed by Behavioral Analytics

Business pivots can turn a struggling company into a thriving one. Whether changing the name and product completely or ...

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Leading Scuba as CEO – Preparing Scuba Analytics for High Growth Mode in CX Analytics

I am very excited to announce that as of July 27th, I have transitioned into the CEO role at Scuba Analytics! I am ...

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How Behavioral Analytics Can Help Your Organization Identify Cybersecurity Threats

The threat of a cyberattack should be a daily concern for businesses. In the first half of 2020 alone, data breaches ...

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Virtual Gaming World (VGW) Doubles LuckyLand Slots Average Revenue

What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas.

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How to Build A Curious Team That Drives Growth


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My analytics journey and why I joined Scuba Analytics

I am excited to be part of an amazing company with proven technology that is redefining what “analytics” really means ...

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