The Future of Cross-Media Measurement in a Privacy-First Economy
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Scuba is a real-time, comprehensive, customer experience analytics platform that spans the entire data lifecycle—from storage to value-add insights.

Are Your Hyper-Personalization Efforts Working? Best Practices & What to Track

Every brand asks the same question: Are my personalization efforts actually working?

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How AI & ML Will Change the Game for Marketing Attribution

Attribution is the thorn in every marketer’s side. Leadership wants to see proof of ROI, meanwhile, you’re fighting the ...

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7 Types of Predictive Analysis & How They Can Help You

Predictive analytics is a versatile toolkit, offering a multitude of methods and techniques to align with your business ...

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6 Ways to Use Machine Learning for Better Marketing Results

Less than a year ago, AI and ML felt out of reach for many companies. Maybe you lacked the technical skills and ...

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How First-Party Data & ML Work Together for Better Customer Insights

If machine learning (ML) is an engine, then data is the fuel that powers it. And while these generators require massive ...

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Successful Audience Measurement in a Post-Cookie World

The death of the cookie has taken on an epoch-defining gravity in the advertising world, with industry experts and ...

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