The Future of Cross-Media Measurement in a Privacy-First Economy
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Scuba is a real-time, comprehensive, customer experience analytics platform that spans the entire data lifecycle—from storage to value-add insights.

Why Hadoop Plateaued -- And What’s in its Place

Facebook was an early adopter of Apache Hadoop, and remnants of Hadoop are still evident in the company’s architecture.

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What We Learned About the Current State of Data and Analytics

We recently polled business professionals with a stake in data and analytics at their organizations to see how things ...

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The Top IoT Analytics Use Cases Today

The rapid growth and deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) have dramatically shaped the digital transformation of ...

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Self-Service Analytics Save Both Data Scientists & Data-Curious Teams

At Scuba Analytics, we love data scientists: not only do they share our passion for data, they enable enterprises to be ...

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Event Data Exploration is a Process Rather Than a Singular Step

Data exploration is a process rather than a singular step. We can liken it to how we spend hours browsing the web. Why ...

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