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Scuba is a real-time, comprehensive, customer experience analytics platform that spans the entire data lifecycle—from storage to value-add insights.

Take the Guesswork out of Customer Retention

The importance of improving customer retention There are two ways you can grow revenue. You can find new customers, and ...

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How Marketers Can Leverage CDPs with Real-Time Analytics

For marketers, data analytics is their currency. The challenge is stitching all of that data together. Marketers have ...

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How to Improve Experiences at Every CX Stage with Customer Journey Analytics

Customer experience has overtaken price and product as the key brand differentiator, and organizations must evolve the ...

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How Behavioral Analytics Can Help Your Organization Identify Cybersecurity Threats

The threat of a cyberattack should be a daily concern for businesses. In the first half of 2020 alone, data breaches ...

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11 Analytics Skills You Need to Run Your Company's Data Team

  Being in charge of data—whether you're the Head of Data Science or the Chief Data Officer of your organization—is no ...

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