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By Greg Smirin | CEO

Our launch today as Scuba Analytics, Inc. is the fruition of many years of work to enable you to instantly understand which of your customers are doing what with your products and services, and how it impacts your business. Without this granular knowledge, you lack the visibility to make data-driven business decisions.

Scuba was born as a project at Facebook led by Lior Abraham and Bobby Johnson to fully understand user behavior. Since the founding of our company—first as Interana, now as Scuba—we have focused on building our unified architecture through four generations to provide a modern, self-service solution. Scuba frees you from the pain and delay of data aggregation, indexing, and multi-tool approach of legacy BI that produces static dashboards. With Scuba you can instantly explore, predict and act on customer experiences.


Our customers manage millions of customer experiences across trillions of data points daily.  We manage Scuba in your own virtual private cloud, and you own and control your data from beginning to end.


Tony, Chris, Lior and I are excited to share how you can use Scuba to drive your business with an end-to-end understanding of your customers across your entire organization. Thank you to all our customers, and we look forward to continuing the journey together!

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