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My Analytics Journey & Why I Joined Scuba Analytics

By Tony Ayaz | CEO

I am excited to be part of an amazing company with proven technology that is redefining what “analytics” really means to business users. Scuba Analytics was founded by a team from Facebook responsible for building behavioral analytics for the largest social network on the planet! So they know a few things about actually making data accessible, actionable, and scalable to drive business decisions.


However, I have directly been involved with enterprise analytic solutions for the past twenty years that were adopted massively by technical users. The journey started from Application servers to APM, log management to graph databases, and BI. The goal was always to decrease mean time to resolution (MTTR) and ensure business users had the right pre-built dashboards. It was easier to build KPI dashboards when business users were less demanding or assumed that self-service analysis was far from reality.


As a result, I have been chasing the vision to simplify data analysis for business users since I left Splunk, eight years ago. Things have changed since then, especially with the evolution of the cloud and ML. The chase is over and Scuba not only delivers but is used by the world’s leading SaaS platforms! 


Scuba enables customer intelligence for streamlined customer experience management across all channels and operational data silos for end-to-end business visibility. We are applying analysis to what impacts businesses-customers, products, and seamless access to operational data to make experiences seamless. 


Our method of Scuba diving does not require certifications for running queries nor complex data prepping. You can interact with live data and dive deeper without waiting on experts. The unified and collaborative architecture provides tremendous value across CX, BI, Product, and data science teams.


Very excited to Dive Deeper at scuba.io


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