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Know How Your Customers Act, Interact & Transact

By Scuba Insights

We live in an experience economy–never before has there been such an opportunity to turn valuable data into dollars. With a deeper understanding of specific customer actions and interactions, leading brands can make better decisions and revenue-driving updates, faster.

People working for all kinds of companies need to know as much as they can about their visitors and users. It’s about engagement at the turn of every corner, the click of every mouse, and the swipe of every finger.


A leading brand might want to sell fitness gear, so why would they offer (and spend billions) on mobile apps? The experience economy demands that attraction, engagement, and retention remain critical-path across mobile, social, online, and even physical. As consumers engage on more and more channels, a myriad of brand drivers become part of the buying decision. Understanding all of the drivers is critical.  

Imagine a digital city with trillions of activities, transactions, and decisions taking place every second. Through these interactions and across various channels, valuable data is collected from billions of users. There is tremendous value in being able to answer specific questions, such as what did these visitors do just prior to purchase, or just before they left an empty basket, and did they come back later that day, later that week, not at all, etc. These questions are combined with thousands of other segmentations on demographics, preferences, and dislikes.

Companies need to know more about the trillions of actions customers take in any given time period. Armed with specific details about a customer journey, teams across any company can make smarter, more strategic, and more immediate decisions.


We all know the leading innovating companies who have helped create this new experience economy; these companies know how to produce and reproduce sophisticated engagements with visitors, users, and customers. They have created the business model in today’s data-driven economy, and others need to replicate that magic. At very high ‘event’ volumes, with hundreds of thousands of dimensions, these brands are using customer experience data to offer innovative products, services, and content to attract and engage people all around the world.

Many of these innovators are Scuba's customers

Today’s cumbersome and limited analytics tools remain difficult to use. Companies are forced to be selective when querying complex data. Today’s tools can’t handle the massive amounts of data that need to be ingested, and they provide limited answers based on statistics.


Because of these limitations, companies settle for a superficial guess or estimate. Business leaders have to wait weeks or months for analytics teams or accept insufficient answers. Often, they end up making critical decisions based on intuition over data insight. If only everyone had an easy-to-use, powerful platform--then business people would have the ability to ‘know thy customer.’


Scuba Analytics is disrupting analytics--delivering a powerful platform that can be used out of the box, to help business people make informed decisions, daily. Scuba helps product, customer success, content optimization, engineering, and data science teams know specific details about customer experience journeys--individually and collectively, in real time and throughout time, at every turn.


Scuba users can ask daily questions, and find answers, about how customers engage, renew, buy, convert, or disengage--across time and in real time. The platform can get answers through an easy-to-use interface, with the ability to ask layers of questions as they get deeper into the query. The results are presented using consumable, flexible, and manipulatable visualizations to find even more answers.


Using Scuba, leading brands can actually know how customers act, interact, and transact across all digital platforms, to know how to keep people engaged throughout the entire customer journey. Ready to give us a try?



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