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We have been in your shoes.

We are on a mission to redefine data analysis for business users.

Scuba enables continuous intelligence for 360° customer experience management across all channels and operational data silos for customer obsessed teams.

We have experience building great software and have operated at hyper-growth companies. We understand your pain and what it take to keep customers. Scuba was founded by the team who built Facebook’s analytics platform, still used by more than 50% of its employees.

Our team is composed of  industry veterans that have scaled companies to successful exits and IPOs.

Deep dive into your data and explore without limits.


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Our leadership.


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Board of directors.

Our customers.

The bottom line is that Scuba lets us extract valuable insights from our data in a faster and easier way than anything else.

Robert Hardy, Edmunds
Rob Hardy
Director of Analytics Development, Edmunds

Scuba makes it easy to answer questions like how many people have ever taken this action in the application. This is really hard to do in other solutions I’ve used, but Scuba makes it trivial to dig into the history of customer events.

Lance Barnet - Asana - Data Scientist
Lance Barnett
Data Scientist, Asana

Scuba has accelerated the data driven culture in OneDrive and SharePoint, and enables everyone to quickly dig in and explore the data to understand our customers.

Patrick Kelleher - Product Manager - Microsoft
Patrick Kelleher
Product Manager, Microsoft (OneDrive)
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We're still disrupting, and you can be a part of it! Our values are simple.

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We build products that WOW.

The world is simply a better place when we have products that understand our needs better than ourselves and delight us in surprising and unexpected ways.


We are optimistic.

Creating the next new big thing requires courage, imagination, and a belief that it's possible. Optimism is our platform for seeing around corners and believing that we can do what hasn't been done before.


We prize curiosity.

Bringing new techniques and products in the world starts with curiosity. It requires discovering new knowledge in clever and compelling ways.


We make each other successful.

A high-performing team is more effective than a team of high performers. In helping others succeed, we multiply what's possible from a team. So we can achieve more and have a bigger impact.


We make our users superheroes.

Good products are born from empathy for customers. Great products result from making customers superheroes. In doing right by our customers, we do right by ourselves.

We won’t stop until it’s possible for everyone to access and interact with live data to drive business decisions.

Make better decisions with 360° of data-backed insights.

Explore what a true self-service customer experience analytics platform can do for your business.

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